About us
Bruman S.r.l. was founded in 1992 in San Giovanni al Natisone, in an area renowned in the last 50 years for the production of chairs, tables and furniture elements.
The founding members were Mario Mantesso and Sergio Brumat who are no longer in charge of the company. Today the organization chart of Bruman is formed by Luca Mantesso (logistics manager), Carlo Mantesso (co-director and commercial manager for Italy and abroad ), sons of Mario Mantesso, Simone Chiopris (administrator and laboratory manager) and Antonella Chionchio (administrative manager).
What We Do
Bruman S.r.l. deals with the formulation and marketing of dyes and lacquers for the furniture industry as well as the marketing of ILVA brand paints of the IVM group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of varnishes for wood.
It targets industries, in particular industrial paints (both subcontractors and direct producers), resellers and paint factories in general.
Interior Products
Water-based dyes
Solvent-based dyes
Water based lacquers
Solvent-based lacquers
Nitro - poliuretaniche - poliesteri - UV - acqua Marchio ILVA gruppo IVM.
Sanitizing Paints and Varnishes
Outdoor Products
Impregnating agents
Water-based impregnations for beams, windows, wooden structures and garden furniture.
Water-based finishes for beams, windows, wooden structures and garden furniture.


The company offers a complete assistance ensuring the following professional services:
  • formulation of transformation products (dyes, lacquered, impregnating)
  • assistance on products and painting cycles
  • sampling service.

  • Mission
    Bruman S.r.l. has thirty years of experience in the sector of paints and varnishes for the furniture industry.
    The company is a historic supplier of the most important brands in the sector in the famous area called `chair triangle` in the province of Udine. It boasts important partnerships with the ILVA brand of the IVM Group, one of the world leaders in the production of varnishes for wood.
    It guarantees direct and telematic customer assistance and many years of experience in the marketing of its products in the USA, Asia, Africa and Europe.
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